Real-time valuations & portfolio management

What we did

Trackr is a new application that allows property owners to monitor the value and performance of their property portfolio.


  • Brand
  • Web
  • Animation


Developed with property owners and landlords in mind - whether they own a single property or have multi-property portfolio - trackr utilizes data feeds to update the value of all properties in a users portfolio on a monthly basis.

Trackr then tracks these changes over time, displaying the data in both numerical and graph formats, making it easy for users to see at a glance how their portfolio is performing. The user can also drill down to assess how individual properties are performing.

Marketing website

The marketing website introduces users to the features and benefits of trackr. The marketing website is built around WordPress as this allows a flexible platform for the website to change over time and also allow easy content publishing and blogging by the trackr team of property investment experts.

Always looking good


The application

The application side is where subscribed users track and manage their portfolio. The application side of the project required a more bespoke approach for the technical development and for this the Zend PHP framework was used.