Midas PR

Independent Communications Agency


What we did

Midas PR is a leading independent communications agency for the Publishing, Arts and Cultural sectors.


  • Responsive Website


A content rich website was created to showcase the fast paced agency energy.

Developed with property owners and landlords in mind – whether they own a single property or have a multi-property portfolio – trackr utilises data feeds to update the value of all properties in a user’s portfolio on a monthly basis.

A Fully Responsive Website

A key requirement for Midas is serving up a consistent experience to their visitors across desktop, tablet and mobile. To deliver this, the website uses a responsive grid format, which restructures the content to fit the screen.

Always looking good

Midas PR
Midas PR
Midas PR

Intelligent Content

No one wants to spend time manually linking site content together.

The Midas PR website intelligently and automatically links related content in strategic places around the site. This ensures users remain engaged and increase overall time on the site.