Brilliant lighting

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What we did

Brilliant wanted to increase their business proposition in order to broaden their exposure to new a type of customer. Beyond the lighting design service, Brilliant needed to convert the casual shopper looking for inspiration for a project into a design solution lead, as well as providing an ecommerce solution for product sales.


  • E-commerce website


We created a fully responsive site seamlessly integrated between the WordPress and Magento platforms.

By utilising best of breed solutions, the site was able to offer different levels of content and user experience, with greater control retained by the client.

WordPress gave Briliant greater control over the site’s richer content, enabling them to create detailed case study pages while Magento powered the ecommerce.


Interactive case study pages allow for product hot spots to be positioned on images, linking through to the shop.

Our solution catered for the shoppers looking for inspiration who often visit via Houzz to purchase the effect without using a full design solution.

Always looking good

Brilliant lighting
Brilliant lighting
Brilliant lighting

Product Configurations

Complex product configurations are handled through product selectors during the purchase process. Up-sell opportunities are presented to customers as they proceed to the checkout to make them aware of additional items they might need for the product to work.